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Full Page Chant Sheet S.A.M.E.CHANTS FULL PAGE.doc


Half Page Chant Sheet S.A.M.E.CHANTS1_2SHEET.doc


SAME Logo (PDF) SAMElogooutline.pdf

High Res version of logo for printing

Hyatt Hypocrisy Flier from UNITE HERE hyatt_hypocrisy.pdf

Hotel Workers and LGBT Community Unite Against the Hyatt Hypocrisy!

Douglas Manchester, the owner of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San
Diego has funded discrimination against the LGBT community.
Manchester donated $125,000 to a political committee supporting
Proposition 8. Hyatt has a multi-million dollar LGBT marketing effort,
yet they have not taken any action against Doug Manchester.

Management at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco have
refused to listen to their workers’ requests for a fair process to decide
whether to form a union. At the same Hyatt has granted this same
process to all new hotels they open in San Francisco County.

Workers at the Hyatt-owned, non-union Liverpool Andaz Hotel in
London, England are not being paid the voluntary minimum wage. At
the same time, Hyatt has opened a union Andaz Hotel in West Holly-
wood (Los Angeles).

Hyatt has shown itself to be anti-worker. Hyatt has proven itself to be anti-gay. / /

SAME Bylaws (8/25/2009) FINAL SAME BYLAWS.doc

These Bylaws were approved by the membership on August 25.

Vote No on San Diego's Prop B (June 5th Ballot)

This speech was given at the "LGBT Community Rallies Against Prop B"
press conference at the "Joyce Beers Center" in Hillcrest, San
Diego,CA. May 30th, 2012:

Good Morning/Afternoon

My name is Cathy Mendonca speaking on behalf of the San Diego Alliance
for Marriage Equality (SAME).

SAME hereby states at this press conference that it supports and urges
all San Diegans to vote No on proposition B on Tuesday, June 5th,

 Our position continues the stand our organization has taken to
support Labor causes whenever they arise.  SAME believes that Worker
rights and LGBT rights are one.  Marriage equality itself is a Labor
issue. Right now, even if you are a union member; if you happen to be
in a same-sex relationship, you are NOT allowed to put your partner on
your benefits. Prop 8 has created second class union membership.
Therefore Prop 8 is and continues to be anti worker and anti LGBT.
LGBT AND Labor will always be stronger when they work together.
Indeed, here then are inspiring examples of connections between the
LGBT and Labor movements in the 20th century and in our time.

 Some of the early members of the “Mattachine Society” in the 1950s
were previously involved in the labor movement.  In March 1969, The
San Francisco Gay Liberation Front mounted the first Gay-rights
demonstration against a private employer in U.S. history and they also
assisted the United Farm Workers Union in their grape boycotts.  In
the 70s,Harvey Milk supported Labor to help workers gain better
working conditions and fair contracts in the successful boycott of
Coors Beer.

 The gay rights and labor movements joined forces again in 1978.
Proposition Six, known as the Briggs amendment, would have banned gays
from teaching in California public schools. A coalition of gay and
union activists was formed and defeated the amendment.

 In 1994, “Pride at Work” was founded to educate LGBT people about
their rights as workers, the organized labor movement and the
principles of trade union solidarity and also help educate union
members on larger political questions of importance to the LGBT
community, such as gender identity-anti-discrimination protections and
marriage equality.

Labor backed the “No on Prop 8” position in 2008, unfortunately it
passed and LGBT groups like SAME and others joined forces with
UNITEHere Local 30 in boycotting the “Manchester Grand Hyatt” over
Doug Manchester’s financial support of Prop 8 and for his ill
treatment of the hotel workers.

Now in 2012, we face Prop B which if passed will strip away the
guaranteed retirement pension of city workers and replace it with 401k
plans. Under California Domestic Partnership Law, LGBT families can
receive survivor pension benefits. Now all of this is at risk. It is
also improper for a labor/management issue to be settled by a
proposition when it should be dealt with at the negotiation table

SAME believes that all justice is one. SAME believes in the concept of
"same struggle, same fight."  SAME and all allies gathered here
therefore call for everyone in the LGBT community and everyone in San
Diego to vote No on Proposition B.